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The desert of Wadi Rum is the homeland of our family, we live there for generations.
We are Bedouin born in the desert; even if a part of our family works with tourists,
we want to share with you our "Bedouin Life" based on hospitality and authenticity.

Here are some examples of activities that we offer :
classic tour one day, classic tour one night, classic tour, classic tour students, private tour for couple, friends or family, private tour trek, private tour burdah arche, camel tour.

We have no well-defined program in advance, we will try to meet your dreams,
depending on your physical level and our knowledge of the desert.

We want to proceed, as often as possible, in a spirit of eco-tourism...

This is why we organize itinerant bivouacs,
we change place every night,
we sleep under the stars,
we let no waste...

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